Blackmailed or Bribed, preaching for affect.

Perhaps you have noticed that the practice of the preaching Hell Fire in our culture is rather like placing intense heat under a shallow pan. Soon the water is boiling violently. But that is an unnatural state and immediately as the heat is removed the boiling ceases and the pan quickly cools. And tomorrow, the memory too has cooled.

I need some here and now answers. I didn’t die last night. I have a day in front of me with tasks and choices and relationships to work out. It is morning. The question “Where would you go if you died last night?” is moot.

The most important question in life is not “Where would you go if you died tonight?” I know that the Box Office exists to sell tickets, but I don’t want a ticket to some future event. Give me insight into life on this date, in this place. I’m not interested in Heaven or Hell or anything else that is so far out it has no connection with my next decision.

So too are the descriptions of Heaven. Harps and gold and mansions aren’t that different than guitars and gold and mansions. It seems to me that prosperity (that preaching for effect thing again) has a bit of a dark side.

I won’t be bribed by your heaven, nor blackmailed by your hell. I would give everything for a living alive life now. Could I walk out today, with light and life – every day – one day – that day – would be – today. Now that would be heaven to me!