On Reversing the Adam Principle

I was in Adam. There was a default principle at work in me from birth. It was mine by a genetic predestination I did not understand. Being genetic it could not be removed or repaired. Its end moved to inevitable death.

But then comes choice, as inevitable as death itself, A choice of deaths. I will choose a death of unbelief, more correctly a kind of super-belief that affirms and lives by a faith that there is nothing beyond me, or, I will embrace a cross and a real death both in history and present reality that carries me by a kind of super-belief through and beyond that death into a new life.

There is a default principle at work in me in this new life. It is mine by a genetic predestination I do not understand. There has been a seed planted in me. It moves inexorably to life, then more life, then abundant life. But it is not my life. I live by the life of another. I am in the second Adam.

In Adam I will run, I will hide, I will shift blame.

In the second Adam I will not run, I will not hide, I will not shift blame.