On Reversing the Adam Principle

I was in Adam. There was a default principle at work in me from birth. It was mine by a genetic predestination I did not understand. Being genetic it could not be removed or repaired. Its end moved to inevitable death.

But then comes choice, as inevitable as death itself, A choice of deaths. I will choose a death of unbelief, more correctly a kind of super-belief that affirms and lives by a faith that there is nothing beyond me, or, I will embrace a cross and a real death both in history and present reality that carries me by a kind of super-belief through and beyond that death into a new life.

There is a default principle at work in me in this new life. It is mine by a genetic predestination I do not understand. There has been a seed planted in me. It moves inexorably to life, then more life, then abundant life. But it is not my life. I live by the life of another. I am in the second Adam.

In Adam I will run, I will hide, I will shift blame.

In the second Adam I will not run, I will not hide, I will not shift blame.

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider

When my brother walks into my life I am delighted. He is a man of like passions and spirit. When he rides in on a horse  I am guarded. Whether the horse be named Reverend or Doctor or Sir, a man on horseback moves about differently than a man on foot.

Horses are of a different passion and spirit. A horse is always noticed before the rider and rightly so. Though the rider may hold the reins, the horse may carry the bit in its teeth.

I am on foot. Perhaps tomorrow my brother will be on foot again also.


Entice: to attract by offering a hope of reward or pleasure —Webster’s New World Dictionary

Enticement never asks permission before invading your space, trespassing upon your awareness, breaking your concentration; stomping by your window waving a flamboyant dare to ignore it as an act of the will.

It differs from temptation. Temptation is just another after-market deal compared to this beastie. Temptation says simply, here is the product (caveat emptor) and the suggested retail price, open of course to terms. It’s a five senses thing, I see it, I want it (or not), I buy it (or not). Any animal can be tempted.

Enticement presents as the royal precursor to opportunity. It is not of the senses though it may come by the senses. Enticement spins its web in the day room of the imagination. Nothing can soar to the heights of desire like imagination —beauty possessed, virtue captured, whim of delight at your beck and call. But imagination can’t produce the objective reality around which temptation coils. Enticement does have, however, in its DNA string a hope factor. It seizes upon a linchpin, some small handle, i.e. quasi-fault embedded in the subject, and necessarily within reach of the mesmerized psyche to open the door to possibilities.

Some examples; Have you ever wondered why models and movie stars of years past would paste a dark colored “beauty mark” on their face in plain view of everyone? Have you ever considered the power of the wink as a linchpin of hope? Why is it that the most provocative of cultural icons are the ones with an enhanced irregularity, notably of the eyes or mouth?

Forgive a very crude and barely applicable analogy, but a while back I was shopping for a new appliance, top of the line, latest model, and current rage. What I discovered was I simply could not afford that appliance. Oh, well. Then I saw the dent in the side of it. That dent made all the difference. Hope sprang to life and – salesman! oh salesman!

…the prince of this world cometh, but he has nothing in me. (Jesus – Jn 14:30)